GAMS Engine

GAMS Engine is a server software that allows you to run GAMS models on centralised compute resources, either on-premise or in the cloud.

Engine is accessed via a gateway service (the "broker" in Engine terminology) which provides a REST API. The broker accepts jobs sent from a range of clients such as GAMS Studio, MIRO Desktop, MIRO Server, or custom clients written in Python, Java, or other programming languages supported by the OpenAPI standard). It also provides a simple web user interface, which allows submitting jobs and user administration.

Jobs submitted via the broker are placed in a queue, and from there they are assigned to available GAMS workers. Results from the workers are collected by the broker and made available to the user.

Advantages of using Engine

Several benefits make the centralized computing approach attractive for organizations:

Computational Power

  • Server Hardware has faster CPUs and more RAM than typical PCs and Laptops
  • Schedule resource hungry optimization jobs and use personal computers for other tasks
  • Run multiple big optimization jobs in parallel


  • Centralized license administration, no limits on number of users
  • Allow people outside your organization to access your Engine Instance
  • Ensure that everyone uses the same model version
  • Control access with granular permissions granted to users, groups, and namespaces

Less IT Cost

  • Engine saves time and is ready to go in minutes
  • No need to implement your own scheduling mechanism for GAMS jobs
  • With GAMS Engine One, you can host your own server hardware
  • With GAMS Engine SaaS, you don't even need to run a server. We make sure you have access to the right resources, any time.

GAMS Engine Flavours

You can get Engine in two different flavours.

Engine One

Engine One runs on your own hardware, either on premise or hosted in the cloud. Installation is done within a few minutes, and rolling updates keep everything current and secure. Engine One runs in conjunction with a GAMS machine based license, which has to be purchased separately. The number of GAMS workers can be set freely to any value during installation, based on the expected typical workload and the available hardware.

Engine One is the perfect solution for organizations that require full control over their data. Learn more about Engine One and how to install it at the documentation center:

Engine SaaS

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of running and maintaining your own server, Engine SaaS is right for you. With Engine SaaS, we make sure you have access to the required resources at all times. We host Engine SaaS on the AWS cloud infrastructure. With practically limitless horizontal scaling you can start as many parallel jobs as required.

Make sure to read this article to learn more about Engine SaaS and how to interact with the system.

Please email us at if you would like to discuss how GAMS Engine might fit into your organization, or to request a detailed quote or an evaluation copy.