gams.database.GamsEquation Class Reference

This is the representation of an equation symbol in GAMS. More...

Inheritance diagram for gams.database.GamsEquation:


 equtype = property(get_equtype)
 Retrieve subtype of Equation (EquType.E: Equal, EquType.G: Greater, EquType.L: Less, EquType.N: No specification, EquType.X: External defined, EquType.C: Conic)
- Properties inherited from gams.database._GamsSymbol
 domains = property(get_domains)
 Domains of Symbol, each element is either a GamsSet (real domain) or a string (relaxed domain)
 domains_as_strings = property(get_domains_as_strings)
 Domains of Symbol, each element is a string. More...
 dimension = property(get_dimension)
 Get GamsSymbol dimension.
 text = property(get_text)
 Get explanatory text of GamsSymbol.
 name = property(get_name)
 Get GamsSymbol name.
 database = property(get_database)
 Get GamsDatabase containing GamsSymbol.
 number_records = property(get_number_records)
 Retrieve the number of records of the GamsSymbol. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from gams.database._GamsSymbol
def __len__ (self)
 Retrieve the number of records of the GamsSymbol.
def copy_symbol (self, target)
 Copys all records from the GamsSymbol to the target GamsSymbol (if target had records, they will be deleted) More...
def delete_record (self, keys=None)
 Delete GamsSymbol record. More...
def clear (self)
 Clear symbol. More...
def find_record (self, keys=None)
 Find record in GamsSymbol. More...
def add_record (self, keys=None)
 Add record to GamsSymbol. More...
def merge_record (self, keys=None)
 Finds record in GamsSymbol if it exists, adds it if not. More...
def first_record (self, slice=None)
 Retrieve first record in GamsSymbol. More...
def check_domains (self)
 Check if all records are within the specified domain of the symbol. More...
def get_symbol_dvs (self, max_viol=0)
 return all GamsSymbolDomainViolations More...

Detailed Description

This is the representation of an equation symbol in GAMS.

It exists in a GamsDatabase and contains GamsEquationRecords which one can iterate through.