Domain Violation. More...

Domain Violation.

Domain violations occur when a symbol uses other Sets as domain(s) – and is thus of domain type regular, see Symbol Domain – and uses a domain entry in its records that is not present in the corresponding referenced domain set. Such a domain violation will lead to a GDX error when writing the data! See Domain Violations for more information.

See also
Set, Symbol

Public Member Functions

function DomainViolation (in symbol, in dimension, in domain, in violations)
 Constructs a domain violation, see class help. More...
function resolve (in obj)
 Resolve the domain violation by adding the missing elements into the domain set.

Private Attributes

Property symbol
 Symbol handle this domain violation belongs to.
Property dimension
 Dimension in which domain violation occurs.
Property domain
 Domain for which domain violations are listed.
Property violations
 Domain elements that are not present in domain set.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DomainViolation()

function DomainViolation ( in  symbol,
in  dimension,
in  domain,
in  violations 

Constructs a domain violation, see class help.

Required Arguments:

  1. symbol (Symbol): The GAMS symbol in which the domain violation occurs.
  2. dimension (int): The dimension of the domain in which the domain violation occurs.
  3. domain (Set): The GAMS Set that is the domain of symbol.
  4. violations (cellstr): List of domain entries that are used in symbol but are missing in domain.
See also
Set, Symbol