Matlab.GAMS.GAMSModifier Class Reference

Input to GAMSModelInstance.instantiate. More...

Public Member Functions

 GAMSModifier (varargin)
 Constructs a new GAMSModifier instance. More...

Public Attributes

GAMSParameter dataSymbol
 (read only) Symbol containing the data for the modification
GAMSSymbol gamsSymbol
 (read only) GAMSSymbol instance in the GAMS model to be modified
UpdateAction updAction
 (read only) Type of modification
SymbolUpdateType updateType
 (read only) Symbol update type

Detailed Description

Input to GAMSModelInstance.instantiate.

A GAMSModifier consists either of a GAMSParameter or a triple: A GAMSVariable or GAMSEquation to be modified, the modification action (e.g. Upper, Lower or Fixed for updating bounds of a variable, or Primal/Dual for updating the level/marginal of a variable or equation mainly used for starting non-linear models from different starting points), and a GAMSParameter that holds the data for modification. In addition the UpdateType can be defined (if omitted the type defined in the Solve call is used).

See also

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GAMSModifier()

Matlab.GAMS.GAMSModifier.GAMSModifier ( varargin  )

Constructs a new GAMSModifier instance.

Valid VARARGIN signatures:


  • gamsParam: Parameter in the GAMS model to be modified with data for modification
  • gamsSymbol: Symbol in the GAMS model to be modified
  • dataSymbol: Parameter containing the data for the modification
  • updateAction: Modification action
  • updateType: Modification type
See also
UpdateAction, SymbolUpdateType, GAMSModelInstance, GAMSSymbol, GAMSParameter