com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EFiltered Enum Reference

Switch default for "$on/offFiltered". More...

Public Member Functions

String value ()
 Get the string value of this enumerated Filtered. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static EFiltered lookup (String val)
 Lookup all filtereds. More...

Public Attributes

 OffFiltered =("off")
 Activate $offFiltered. More...
 OnFiltered =("on")
 Activate $onFiltered. More...
 UndefinedFiltered =(GAMSGlobals.EMPTY_STRING)
 Undefined Filtered. More...

Detailed Description

Switch default for "$on/offFiltered".

Member Function Documentation

◆ lookup()

static EFiltered com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EFiltered.lookup ( String  val)

Lookup all filtereds.

valan int value to lookup
the enumerated Filtered that has the specified value, or UndefinedFiltered if the specified value is not found.

◆ value()

String com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EFiltered.value ( )

Get the string value of this enumerated Filtered.

the filtered value

Member Data Documentation

◆ OffFiltered

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EFiltered.OffFiltered =("off")

Activate $offFiltered.

◆ OnFiltered

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EFiltered.OnFiltered =("on")

Activate $onFiltered.

◆ UndefinedFiltered

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EFiltered.UndefinedFiltered =(GAMSGlobals.EMPTY_STRING)

Undefined Filtered.