GAMS processing request. More...

Public Member Functions

String value ()
 Get the string value of this enumerated Action. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static EAction lookup (String val)
 Lookup all actions. More...

Public Attributes

 RestartAfterSolve =("R")
 Restart After Solve. More...
 CompileOnly =("C")
 CompileOnly. More...
 ExecuteOnly =("E")
 ExecuteOnly. More...
 CompileAndExecute =("CE")
 Compile and Execute. More...
 GlueCodeGeneration =("G")
 Glue Code Generation. More...
 TraceReport =("GT")
 Trace Report. More...
 UndefinedAction =(GAMSGlobals.EMPTY_STRING)
 Undefined Action. More...

Detailed Description

GAMS processing request.

Member Function Documentation

◆ lookup()

static EAction com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.lookup ( String  val)

Lookup all actions.

valan int value to lookup
the enumerated Action that has the specified value, or UndefinedAction if the specified value is not found.

◆ value()

String com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.value ( )

Get the string value of this enumerated Action.

the action value

Member Data Documentation

◆ CompileAndExecute

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.CompileAndExecute =("CE")

Compile and Execute.

◆ CompileOnly

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.CompileOnly =("C")


◆ ExecuteOnly

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.ExecuteOnly =("E")


◆ GlueCodeGeneration

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.GlueCodeGeneration =("G")

Glue Code Generation.

◆ RestartAfterSolve

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.RestartAfterSolve =("R")

Restart After Solve.

◆ TraceReport

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.TraceReport =("GT")

Trace Report.

◆ UndefinedAction

com.gams.api.GAMSOptions.EAction.UndefinedAction =(GAMSGlobals.EMPTY_STRING)

Undefined Action.