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def run_engine.get_data_text ()
def run_engine.get_model_text ()

Variables = GamsWorkspace(system_directory=sys.argv[1])
 run_engine.t3 = ws.add_job_from_string(get_data_text())
 run_engine.gdx_file_path = os.path.join(ws.working_directory, "tdata.gdx")
 run_engine.opt = ws.add_options()
dictionary run_engine.expected_levels
 run_engine.cp = ws.add_checkpoint()
 run_engine.t3a = ws.add_job_from_string(get_data_text())
 run_engine.t3b = ws.add_job_from_string(get_model_text())
list run_engine.bmultExpected
 run_engine.j1 = ws.add_job_from_file("clad")
 run_engine.option_file1_path = os.path.join(ws.working_directory, "cplex.opt")
 run_engine.option_file2_path = os.path.join(ws.working_directory, "cplex.op2")
 run_engine.sw = StringIO()
float run_engine.prev_step = 0.0
 run_engine.log = sw.getvalue()

Detailed Description

This is an example how to run a GAMSJob on GAMS Engine using the run_engine method:

  • How to send along additional model files (besides the main file)
  • How to provide additional Engine options
  • How to use checkpoints with run_engine
  • How to interrupt a GAMSJob running on GAMS Engine

It is recommended to first look at the tutorial examples.

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