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The Windows GAMS distribution contains several tools to exchange data with MS-Excel: GDX2XLS, GDXXRW, XLS2GMS, and XLSDUMP. While we continue to include all four tools in our distribution, only GDXXRW is under active development. Therefore, we strongly recommend using GDXXRW for data exchange with Excel.

This program will write all worksheets of an Excel workbook to a gdx file. Unlike GDXXRW, the program does not require that Excel is installed. Windows platforms only.


XLSDump infile outfile



A valid Excel workbook


Optional. The output gdx file. If no output file is specified, the name of the input file will be used to construct the name the output file.


Consider the following working file 'test2.xlsx'.

Original workbook test2.xlsx

Converting this workbook using xlsdump:

xlsdump test2.xlsx

Will generate the file test2.gdx. Showing this gdx file in the GAMS IDE:

Contents of test2.gdx

The parameter VF:

Parameter VF (values)