22.4 Major release (February 12, 2007)


We would like to thank all of our users who have reported problems and made suggestions for improving this release. In particular, we thank Michael Ferris, Gary Goldstein, and Randy Wigle.

GAMS System

  • Compressed and Encrypted Input Files: Facilities to create and use encrypted and compressed input files have been added. The three new commands: $compress, $decompress and $encrypt are the respective utilities. For more details consult the User's Guide.

  • NonNegative Variable: This new keyword is a synonym for Positive Variable.

    • Added spelling checker
    • Added search options for gdxviewer

  • GAMS model library: new models (cefiles, encrypt) demonstrate the new GAMS feature of compressing and encrypting GAMS input files.

  • TESTLIB library: new models to test new features


  • COIN: new libraries and solver from the GAMSlinks project hosted at COIN-OR.
    • CoinGlpk: New COIN-OR and Glpk 4.9 libraries.
    • CoinCbc: New COIN-OR and Cbc 1.1.0 libraries.
    • CoinIpopt: A new interior point NLP solver from COIN-OR.
    • The GAMSlinks project (announced January 3 by Stefan Vigerske) was created to develop links between GAMS and the COIN-OR solvers.

  • CPLEX: New libraries (version 10.1.1).

  • KNITRO: New libraries (version 5.1).

  • MOSEK: New libraries (version

  • XPRESS: New libraries (version 17.10.08)