22.2 Minor release (April 21, 2006)


We would like to thank all of our users who have reported problems and made suggestions for improving this release. In particular, we thank Wolfgang Britz (Bonn University), Paritosh Desai (DemandTec), Michael Ferris (UW-Madison), Edgar Ramirez (at hotmail.com), and Rich Roberts (SRS Technologies).

GAMS System

  • The limit on nonlinear instructions in a single block has been raised from 16 million to 64 million instructions.
  • Performance improvements for very large and complicated loop structures.
  • International characters in file and path names are now handled correctly.
    • GDX data browser is faster and can sort indices by name vs. entry order
    • A symbol shown in the GDX data browser can be written to an Excel file


  • CONOPT: New libraries are included which address minor fixes.

  • CPLEX: New libraries (version 10.0.1, a maintenance release)

  • LGO: New libraries
    • The built-in stochastic searches have been improved.
    • Some internal limits were increased to allow larger models to be solved.