ReadSet.gms : Reads set data


This program reads set data using xls2gms.exe.

Category : GAMS Data Utilities library

Main file : ReadSet.gms   includes :  ReadSet.gms  Test3.xlsx

   This program reads set data using xls2gms.exe.

   The Windows GAMS distribution contains several tools to exchange data with MS-Excel:  
   GDX2XLS, GDXXRW, XLS2GMS, and XLSDUMP. While we continue to include all four tools in our 
   distribution, only GDXXRW is under active development.  Therefore, we strongly recommend 
   using GDXXRW for data exchange with Excel.

$if %system.filesys% == UNIX $abort.noerror 'This model cannot run on a non-Windows platform';
$libInclude win32 -c msappavail Excel
$ifE errorLevel<>0 $abort.noError 'Microsoft Excel is not available!';

set i /
$call =xls2gms r=a1:a3 i=Test3.xlsx

display i;

set j /
$call =xls2gms r=b5:d5 s="," i=Test3.xlsx

display j;