2022 Informs Annual Meeting

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Turning Models Into Applications– GAMS Engine, GAMS Connect, and GAMS Transfer

Presented by: Dr. Atharv Bhosekar & Dr. Steven Dirkse

Tuesday, October 18, 8:40-9:15am

The right tools help you deploy your GAMS model and maximize the impact of your decision support application. If your model requires significant computational resources to solve, you may benefit from GAMS Engine, a powerful tool for solving GAMS models either on-prem or in the cloud. Engine acts as a broker between applications or users with GAMS models to solve and the computational resources used for this task. Central to Engine is a modern REST API that provides an interface to a scalable containerized system of services, providing API, database, queue, and a configurable number of GAMS workers.

If you are working with data stored in different formats, or you are working with an environment such as Python, Matlab, and R, you will benefit from the GAMS Connect framework and GAMS Transfer API. GAMS Connect provides unified and platform-independent data exchange between different formats (CSV and Excel). GAMS Transfer API (available in Python, Matlab, and R) makes moving data between GAMS and your computational environment fast and easy.

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16 Oct - 19 Oct, 2022
Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)
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