Optimization in the brewing industry

Posted on: 03 Mar, 2023

Mathematical optimization is a powerful tool that can be applied in various industries to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall performance. One recent example of the successful use of optimization techniques can be seen in the brewing industry. A team of researchers from the University of Hamburg around Prof Knut Haase has developed a system that supports the Swiss Feldschlösschen brewery in producing 220 finished products from 100 semifinished products.

The brewing industry has faced several challenges in recent years, with customer demand changing rapidly. For example, there is now a growing demand for alcohol-free beer, and consumers are seeking new and diverse tastes. These changing trends have made planning the brewing process more complex and challenging for breweries.

To address these challenges, the team from the University of Hamburg developed an optimization system that supports breweries in planning their production processes. The system is designed to help Feldschlösschen produce a large variety of beers while ensuring efficient use of resources and minimizing costs.

The system is implemented using GAMS / CPLEX and is fully integrated into the company’s ERP system. With the new optimization system in place, the brewery can significantly reduce the manual planning required for operational, strategic, and tactical planning. The system provides practical production schedules that are guaranteed to meet customer demand while minimizing costs.

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